Hello friends. As promised, here is a list of items to dump. If you’re somewhat of a hoarder (or a complete hoarder like I was), then use this as your first step to a more organised, clutter-free home and a minimalist lifestyle. These are things that you don’t use, and shouldn’t have lying around and taking up space in your home. They drain your energy and give you sleepless nights. It’s time to give them the boot.

  1. Dated magazines
  2. Expired make-up and beauty products
  3. Expired foods (condiments, spices, etc.)
  4. Clothing items that are too small, too big or need repairs (that you’re not going to get round to)
  5. Unopened mail and any documents, bills, letters, receipts that are no longer needed
  6. Wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons that can’t be used again
  7. Expired medication
  8. Storage boxes that are just taking up space (if you aren’t planning to move any time soon)
  9. Tins and knick-knacks that are only gathering dust
  10. Excess grocery bags
  11. Cleaning items like rags and sponges which are falling apart
  12. Old, tattered towels (you know, those you put away when you’re expecting guests)
  13. Candles that are about to/already have ‘hit pan’
  14. Tech items that no longer work, like old chargers or cables
  15. Broken cutlery, dinnerware, etc.
  16. Old, broken frames which you are not planning on upcycling
  17. Plants which cannot be resurrected
  18. Broken jewellery which you’re not planning on fixing
  19. Old bottles and jars which you have been saving for a DIY project which is never going to happen (wine bottles, Snapple bottles, peanut butter jars, etc.)
  20. Old CD’s, DVD’s, etc. from when you were young, which you haven’t listened to in years (and aren’t planning on listening to anytime in the distant future)

If there’s anyone who knows how hard it can be to get rid of your possessions, it’s me. So don’t feel overwhelmed and pressured at the thought. Take things day by day. Choose one thing from this list and focus on it this week, or this month even, if that’s what makes you feel comfortable.

How did you get to a minimalist lifestyle? Do you have anything that can/should be thrown away to add to this list? Share them with me in the comments section 🙂

May the odds be ever in your favour. x


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