You’re probably thinking this list contains things like go to gym, eat healthy, stop drinking and all the other cliché things which people usually consider as New Year’s resolutions. Well, they aren’t on here, but some of mine probably are cliché. Just read them anyway.

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Touch my face less

I don’t know why, but I catch myself probably 100 times a day, just touching my face or lips. Either resting my cheek on my hand, rubbing my face, or playing with my lips. It’s a terrible, unhygenic habit and I need to stop it.

Trying new things

…and sticking to what works! This applies to every aspect of my life; food, fashion, health and beauty, lifestyle and whatever other aspects I cannot think of at the moment.

A few specific things I want to do this year include:

  • Making a bigger effort when it comes to my hair. I’m one of those girls who let’s my hair air-dry, and voila! (Don’t get me wrong, I do make the occasional braid and straighten my hair like twice a year, but that’s about it). I’ve challenged myself to try a new hairstyle AT LEAST once a week. Like every Monday. And I’m pleased to say, so far so good!
  • I’d also like to try new make-up brands this year, and to (hopefully) get closer to finding the perfect mascara for me. FYI mascara to me is one of the best things ever invented.
  • Drinking more wine. Maybe not more, but definitley try new wines. I have a few favourites and I tend to stick to them. My all-time favourite wine farm is Boland Cellar, and I love every single wine in their collection! Be sure to give them a try.

With regards to sticking to what works – I started selling Annique skin care and lifestyle products in varsity as part of a practical project. I completely fell in love with how they made my skin look and feel. Heaven only knows why I ever stopped. Since then I’ve constantly been changing my skincare routine, moving from one brand to the other, but I’ve never been able to get the same results as with Annique. With that in mind, 2016 will be my year for exceptional skin. Watch this space.

Listen to more music

I’m a music hoarder. I have an ever-growing music library, but I’ve noticed that I hardly make time to listen to any of it any more. I used to listen to music from my library constantly, not listening to radio at all, but one day (again, heaven only knows why) I just started listening to radio, and here we are in present day. This year I want to make a bigger effort to listen to all the glorious music I possess.

Be more positive

I know, easier said than done right? I’ve gotten to a point where I no longer read newspapers/news website, listen to or watch the news. Everything is so negative ALL. THE. TIME. And I’m sick of it. In 2015 I made a substantial effort to unfollow/delete/unfriend etc. all things negative, and to focus/follow positive accounts and blogs. It really does help.

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Apart from being a music hoarder I am also a book hoarder. I have an endless amount of books just sitting and gathering dust. This year, I WILL make time to read them. This leads me to my next point.


Not much to say here. I need to quit binge-watching series for hours on end. It’s a waste of time and it kills productivity. Less TV = more reading (and blogging, and cooking, and spending time with friends & family, and just enjoying life!)

There you have it folks. My New Year’s resolutions. Honestly, I’ll be super chuffed with myself if I can succeed in at least one of these items.

Do you have any out of the ordinary resolutions for 2016? Let me know in the comments below, and of course, may the odds be ever in your favour! (read: good luck with everything you take on this year)



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