It’s a new year which means new things (at least to me it does). I recently became a first-time home owner and am currently in the last phase of renovations. There is still a whole list of things I need to complete my house (and my life), but here are a list of things I WANT this year.


A girl can never have too many cameras, amiright? I really like this Fujifilm, and I think we will be very happy together.


Fujifilm X-M1


A coffee machine

Like this one.


Or just a legit new kettle

Like this digital kettle by Russell Hobbs, so that it can start boiling when I wake up in the morning. But then again, I’ll happily wake up for this baby, every morning:


Red Smeg kettle


A smoothie maker

I really like these two, as they are blender/smoothie maker combos, so I can do more than just make delicious Pinterest-worthy smoothies.

Phillips Viva blender set

Philips Viva Collection Juicer, Blender, Grinder & Chopper

Bella Blender set

Bella 12 piece rocket blender


A massive hard drive

To store my copious amounts of series, movies, music and photo’s, not to mentions my endless library of design resources.

Store all the things

Which brings me to my next to items…


A second screen

I currently only have my laptop, and as a designer, a second screen is just heaven on earth.


An Adobe Creative Cloud License

I currently work on Adobe CS6 at home, but Creative Cloud is just the bees knees, so I’d love one. Please and thank you.


Fancy pots and pans

I’m really digging these new copper pans¬†from Woolies.


New tekkies

I’ve owned my trusty ‘ol Nikes for (litterally) close to 10 years now. Probably 7 or 8 years. After a wash they look (pretty much) brand new. And they are still super comfy. But I seriously need a new pair of kicks. I must be honest, I don’t really like all the colourful and neon versions available in stores at the moment so it’s quite difficult finding something I really like, but these are not too bad:

Nike Tr 4

Nike TR-4 Cross Trainers


Adidas Ilae Cross Trainers

Completion of my Roberto Cavalli fragrance collection

Roberto Cavalli is one of the few brands of which I love every single perfume. I just want ALL of them.

A couch

I really like this one form Mr Price, and this one from Coricraft.

And that’s a warp on my 2016 wishlist.


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