I’m turning 25 this year which is kind of a big deal. And with a big deal age comes big deal presents (well at least I think it should totally be that way). So without any further adieu, here is my 25th Birthday Wishlist.


I know I mentioned this on my 2016 Wishlist, but like I said then, a girl can never have too many cameras. Apart from a good quality DSLR, I’d really like an instant camera and a lomo camera. These are my favourites at the moment:


Fujifilm Instax Wide 300


Lomography Lomo’Instant + 3 Lenses

A new GHD

It’s not that I need a new one, because mine is still in 100% working order, it’s just old and outdated. And change is as good as a holiday.


GHD Gold Arctic Styling Gift Set

A new Fossil watch

I wouldn’t know which one to choose, I love them both!

Fossil original boyfriend

Fossil Original Boyfriend

Tailor Silver

Fossil Tailor

A Black Leather Bag

Sydney Satchel

Fossil Sydney Satchel

A weekender bag

My current bag which I use as a weekender is slightly big, so I can really do with something like this by Burgundy Collective.

A new wallet 

I really love the colours on this one.2148_Ibiza_1_1024x1024

Jekyll & Hide Caribbean Ladies Purse


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