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annemyne About Me

Welcome to annemyne. This is my personal platform to share with you my honest opinions, my work, and what I’m all about.

I’m a marketing grad turned graphic designer currently residing in Pretoria, South Africa.

Expect to read about design things, travel, food, minimalism and some beauty bits, but mostly doing as much as you possibly can on the tightest of budgets. Because I’ve pretty much mastered that #budgetlife (not by choice), and I have a lot of tips and tricks to share.

Things that make me happy: being surrounded by nature, good tunes, an abundance of books, quality coffee, spending time with my loved-ones, seeing new places, good food and wine.

Things that make me unhappy: seeing people and animals living in harsh conditions, extreme heat, hunger, inconsiderate people, wind, beetroot, and spiders.

I hope you find something of value within my posts on annemyne, and that I am able to make a difference in your life, even if it’s tiny.

Happy reading!

Kthanksbye. x