Those of you who know me really well probably just did a double-take on this post title, thinking “no, this couldn’t have be written by Annemie“. Well, it’s true. Read on to see where, when, what, why, and HOW I converted to a minimalist.

I’ll start by clarifying my opening paragraph for those of you who don’t know me. In short, I have been a hoarder in every aspect of my life, for as long as I can remember. Clothes, knick-knacks, accessories, stationery, you name it. Once it was in my possession, there was little to no way I was getting rid of it (My stomach is literally turning at the thought of all the kak I’ve owned, and what my home used to look like).

Luckily I’ve matured and changed a fair amount over the last couple of years, and I have completely rid myself of any hoarding tendencies *does happy dance*. So without any further ado, here are my top reasons for converting to a minimalist life:

You no longer dread ‘spring cleaning’.

Because you make use of the majority of your possessions. There’s basically no need to throw anything out unless it’s broken, outdated, or no longer your taste.

You know where everything is.

My life is so much more organised than it used to be. 90% of times that I am looking for something, I actually know where to look. I still have a ‘stuff to sort out’ box, but rather a box than my whole home, amiright?

You immediately know when you need something.

Whether my plain white T is no longer white, or some of cleaning products or toiletries are near empty, or I need a new scented candle for my living room, I immediately know. It doesn’t catch me off-guard in an awkward/urgent situation.

You, and your home, tend to be more tidy and clean.

With less clutter in my home, it’s so much easier to clean, and it doesn’t take as much time as it to used to, to tidy up. All it takes is a quick sweep with a broom and cloth, a quick pillow puffing sesh, and voilá – good as new. This also saves me so much time over the weekend when I do my actual house cleaning, because there’s little dusting and cleaning left to be done.

You stress less due to less clutter.

I used to have sleepless nights about what a state my home was in. I had so much stuff just standing around with no place to put it, that there was physically no space for me to clean. It was a vicious circle. The whole thing actually made me quite depressed for a long time, and I was always ashamed of having people over.

But now, with less stuff and more space (and motivation) to clean, life is really a breeze in comparison to those days.

You make wiser decisions when it comes to spending money, and you appreciate things more.

I used to spend sooo much money on things that I didn’t need (kak), and things that didn’t last (I actually touched on this in a previous post). Luckily now I make less compulsive purchases, and I can actually afford to spend it on more expensive, better quality things, like a genuine leather handbag or pair of shoes. And a pair of Ray-Bans instead of 10 pairs of Mr. Price sunglasses that don’t actually protect my eyes from the sun.

Naturally, with this change I also gained a sense of responsibility. I really look after and take care of my belongings. I mean, I work really hard to be able to afford them. It also motivates me to work so much harder.

You get to spend more time on things you actually like.

With a less-cluttered life, I’ve found that I am much more productive because I have more time on my hands. More time to learn new things, more time to read, more time to spend on my blog, more time to spend with my loved-ones. You get the idea.

If you really struggle with hoarding and letting go of your possessions, I’ll make a list of items that you can start with in my next blog post 🙂

May the odds be ever in your favour. x

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