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Hello friend!

I’m Annemie, the creator behind annemyne (pronounced ‘ah-nuh-may-nuh’).

I’m a Digital Marketer, specialising in Social Media Management. Instagram and Email Marketing is what I’m known for, and my passion lies with new and small sustainable brands & businesses in the fashion and beauty industry.

I am also a qualified graphic & web designer, and makeup artist. I have keen interests in all things fashion & beauty, and love working with people in different industries including production (film, TV, music), publishing, editorial, artist management, and more.

I started this blog as a practical way for me to learn coding, email marketing and other fun digital things. Over the years it’s gone from a place to practice my skills, to a fully fledged beauty and lifestyle blog.

I’m a very passionate person with a vast number of interests. My friends and family often thank me for my recommendations and advice, which is what led me to starting #annemyneApproved – a series where I share all my favourite things.



Fun Facts about Me
  1. I was a ballet dancer for over 13 years.
  2. I’m a qualified Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Barista and Makeup Artist.
  3. I’m a passionate plant mom. Check out my plant account here.
  4. I have a keen interest in Korean culture. I’m still in the process of learning Korean, and I can read Hangul fairly well.
  5. Elephants have been my favourite animals since before I can remember. Read more about my fascination with them here.

I hope you find something of value within this space, and that I am able to make a difference in your life, even if it’s tiny. If you leave here with a positive experience, please feel free to connect with me and let’s chat!

I love sharing my knowledge, so please reach out if there’s anything you want to know or need help with, I’d be happy to assist. Click here to send me an email.

I’m most active on Instagram and Pinterest, so check out my accounts and let’s be friends.

Happy reading!

Kthanksbye x