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#annemyneApproved: five

by annemyne

The Birthday Edition

It’s May, which is my birthday month. In celebration, this episode is more of a wishlist, in other words annemyne pre-approved. Enjoy!


Destination: Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been high on my list of travel destinations for years, and in 2016 I finally got the opportunity to go. It exceeded all of my expectations and immediately became one of my most special places visited.

A couple of reasons why:

  1. It was particularly easy to get around. Public transport, and alternative transport options are in abundance.
  2. Being a native Afrikaans speaker can get you far with Dutch speakers.
  3. The city is rich in culture and history, and the architecture is drool-worthy. I grouped these three together because they are three of the main factors I consider when choosing a travel destination.
  4. The food. The fourth factor when deciding on a travel destination. Amsterdam offers numerous different traditional foods and delicacies. If you aren’t adventurous when it comes to food, you can also easily find ‘normal’ groceries and other food items in supermarkets which are located on almost every corner.
  5. Art. If you’re not into art or art history you can just skip over this point. I am very much into art, so it was a dream come true to visit the Van Gogh Museum during my trip. I was literally bursting with joy the entire time. Just look at me:


Book: Accidentally Wes Anderson

Wes is my one my favourite film directors. One of the main reasons is how aesthetically pleasing his films are.

Accidentally Wes Anderson is an Instagram account sharing places that look like they’re scenes straight out of a WA movie. They recently released a coffee table book, and I’ve never wanted a book more in my life. Unfortunately it’s not available locally so if any of you readers are willing to be a mule, I’d greatly appreciate it.


Store: Pilgrimage Spaces

My interior decor style does not fall into one single category. The best way I can describe it is eclectic. I am one of those people who have too many interests, and all of those interests influence my taste.

Words to describe the mix of my decor style include scandi, minimalism, bohemian, Southwestern, Indian, contemporary, maximalism, retro, Wes Anderson, pop-art, Moroccan… and somehow I make it work.

With that said, Pilgrimage Spaces is one of my favourite local interior stores who stock the most beautiful Indian decor pieces.

I have been lusting after the Mudra Hand Hooks for the longest time.


Jewellery: Missoma

Missoma is by far my favourite jewellery brand which I’m yet to purchase (mainly because of SA’s ridiculous customs situation). I describe their pieces as the perfect mix of minimalist and edgy, which pretty much sums up my style (IMO).

My most coveted items are:

  1. Silver Mini Claw Charm Hoop Earrings
  2. Lucy Williams Silver Large Horn Necklace

You can check out the rest of my wishlist here.


Skincare: Foreo Go

When I eventually get my hands on one of these babies, it will most definitely be the boujee’est skincare purchase I make in my life. I’m not gonna go into details, you can read all about this revolutionary skincare device on the official Foreo website.

The main reason I’d purchase the Go over the Luna 2 or 3 is purely for travelling purposes (being the jetsetter that I am, ya know), since the Go is so much smaller than the Luna.


That’s it for this special birthday edition of #annemyneApproved. If you have any comments on any of the points listed above please drop them down below and start a conversation. I love hearing your opinions.

Kthanksbye x

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