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#annemyneApproved: four

by annemyne

Food: Woolies Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

A special Easter shout out to these addictive AF treats. If you haven’t tried them before I cannot recommend these more. If you don’t have any self control when it comes to chocolate (like me), maybe sit this one out.

FYI these are fruit free, so for all you raisin haters – these are safe for consumption.

My top tip: pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds to let the chocolate melt. You’re welcome.


App: Yaga

Think Facebook Marketplace, but safer. You can read all about the South African woman who started Yaga, and why, over on their blog.

The main reason I prefer using this over other platforms is their ‘Buyer & seller protection’ – the app has a unique payment system which protects both the buyer and the seller. The app is also user-friendly in a very simplistic way.


Service: Checker Sixty60

I guess this also counts as an app. For those of you who don’t know, you can now order groceries using the Sixty60 app from Checkers, which is my fave grocery store after Woolies.

  1. Convenience – groceries are delivered within 60 minutes, so they are perfect for emergencies or lazy days. Where I find this especially great is when I decide on a whim to cook or bake something specific and I realise I’m missing one or two ingredients.
  2. You can track your delivery via the app, similar to Uber.
  3. Groceries are delivered in large brown paper bags, and recently they started recycling these bags. You can return your bag to the driver upon your next delivery.
  4. Substitutions – the app allows you to choose substitutes in case the items you want are sold out.


Activities: Henriette Botha Jewellery Making Workshops

Look at what I made (read: designed) you guys.

I mean, it’s not Missoma, but it’ll do. And I’m proud of it.

madeby workshops are the brainchild of Henriette Botha, a local jewellery designer. There are two options at the moment: Ring Carving Workshops and Pendant Making Workshops, and as the names suggest, when attending, you design your own ring or pendant which is then cast in your choice of metal. I attended a pendant making workshop, and I was so impressed that I will be booking a ring workshop soon.

I personally think these are amazing gifts for friends or family. Find all the details about the workshops on their website.


Online Store: Dermastore

I mentioned Dermastore in a previous post. This is my go-to skincare store, and I probably buy 80% of my skincare from here.

Reasons I love Dermastore:

  1. Probably the best customer service I’ve received in my life. Helpful, speedy, friendly and understanding.
  2. Fast delivery. Dermastore is located in Cape Town, and the products are shipped from there. I’ve placed an order around 12pm on a weekday and received my order early the next morning (in Pretoria).
  3. Education. Dermastore was started by a dermatologist Dr Ian Webster. They send out newsletters and update their blogs often with the most informative and easy-to-understand information about skincare in general and their ingredients.

    His belief in evidence-based medicine and products have helped him to build long term relationships with his patients from all over South Africa and around the world. Nothing gives him greater satisfaction than maintaining these relationships, many of them spanning the number of years that he has been in practice.

  4. Fee skin assessment and customised recommendations. When registering on the website you complete a short assessment to determine your skin type and concerns. Afterwards you are provided with custom recommendations according to your results.
  5. Free samples with orders. Every time you order you receive a couple of samples of products available on the website, and they are usually in line with products you’ve purchased and your recommendations.
  6. Sustainable (and pretty) packaging.
  7. Rewards program. You earn points for every product you purchased, which you can apply as a monetary discount to your next order.

That’s it for episode four. Be sure to read my previous articles if you haven’t yet, and please share your thought in the comments or connect with me via my social media channels.

Kthanksbye x

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